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White Mountain Agency books concerts and tours for national acts, both underground and mainstream, with an emphasis on urban music. Established in Los Angeles in 2001 by street promoter Kublai Kwon, what was then known as “Asiatic Empire” is credited with sparking the formation of a pan-Asian hip hop subculture and movement in Southern California which persists to this day. The “Asian Hip Hop Summit” festivals, which Asiatic Empire organized yearly in inner city Koreatown, Los Angeles, eventually grew into the “Asian Hip Hop Summit Tour,” spanning all major North American cities annually. The success of the Asian Hip Hop Summit Tour was instrumental in attracting clients from within the core hip hop community.


In 2009, Asiatic Empire was rebranded as “Cloud Nine Agency” when Kublai Kwon shifted his base of operations from Los Angeles to Atlanta. This move to Atlanta brought an entirely new set of clientele to the table, with Cloud Nine Agency serving as a rare bridge between the two centers of the American music industry. In 2012, Cloud Nine Agency was re-branded as “Red Mountain Agency”. In 2014, having evolved into a corporation with international scope, Red Mountain Agency was re-branded as “White Mountain Agency” and relocated back to Los Angeles.


The mission of White Mountain Agency is to be the most dominant force in independent hip hop tours and booking.

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