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Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal, the Kansas City born MC first stepped foot in the hip- hop scene when he released his debut album, "Men Are From Mars, Pornstars Are From Earth" in 2002. Later during the same year, Mac Lethal was crowned the champion of the popular rap battle platform, Scribble Jam. Mac lethal then went on to founding his own record label, Black Cover Records, which he named after his radio station, Black Cover Radio. For his sophomore album, Mac Lethal signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment where he released 11:11. In 2016, he starred on MTV's Binge Thinking and  subsequently released his "Congratulations" LP which featured Strange Music's head honcho Tech N9ne. Most recently, Mac Lethal has attained a viral following on his Youtube channel where he displays his creative and versatile rap skills.

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